Fused Glass Vases, Plates, Bowls and Jewelry

Custom Creations in Fused Glass

Shimmering GLass Fused Glass Vases, Plates, Bowls and Jewelry

Fused Glass Vases, Plates, Bowls and Jewelry from Shimmering Glass

We're glad you found us, now that you are here you will find a lovely collection of fused glass jewelry, fused glass vases, fused glass plates and dishes and fused glass bowls! Each piece is lovingly created with only the finest materials. Shimmering Glass offers unique abstract, artistic and geometric designs and patterns in a wide array of styles, sizes and colors. Functional fused glass art that brings beauty and style into your home at very affordable prices. 

 Our custom designed fused glass jewelry  is not only fashionable, our lovely one of a kind designs in fused glass jewelry are affordable, artistic and absolutely beautiful. Each piece is hand made, custom designed and one of a kind. Check out the luscious fused glass pendants and earrings custom set into shimmering sterling silver settings. You will love our dichroic pendants with electrifying, brilliant colors, the beautiful fused glass earrings and bracelets, each offering it's own unique look and design and affordably priced. Plus  FREE SHIPPING for ALL Fused Glass Jewelry!

 Shimmering Glass also offers a huge selection of fused glass vases; "Handkerchief vases" which may remind you of a tissue pulled from a box with soft folds and curves surrounding the vase. Fused glass Ribbon Vases from Shimmering Glass are very special, ribbons of glass with fluid like movement flow from top to bottom.

  Fused glass drop vases from Shimmering Glass, created by heating the fused glass piece to almost 1325 degrees until the glass becomes soft and fluid like, slowly flowing thru the mold. Deep, rich, vibrant colors stretching, reaching toward the bottom of the kiln until it reaches the desired height. Our fused glass drop vases come in an amazing variety of sizes and styles, each one unique and really quite special. Click here to lean more about the the different Fused Glass Vase styles.

 Shimmering Glass also offers a large collection of fused glass bowls featuring unique and artistic designs . Shimmering Glass offers many different styles of Fused Glass Bowls  in  different shapes, styles and colors; round, square and even octagonal shaped fused glass bowls, each offering a one kind design in fused glass with abstract, artistic and geometric designs and patterns.

Shimmering iridized and dichroic glasses often add special effects and accents to our fused glass designs and every piece of fused glass art we offer is designed for both it's artistic beauty and the useful functionality it offers. Shimmering Glass fused glass vases, plates, bowls and dishes call out to be used and enjoyed, while fully appreciating the beauty each piece brings into your home.

You'll be amazed at the diversity of fused glass art you will find  here and if for some strange reason you don't find the exact piece you are looking for, let us know what you want and we'll be happy to create a piece of fused glass art for you.

 Don't forget to check out our very large collection of Fused Glass Jewelry. Elise Worman, a master craftsman working in Gold and Silver has collaborated on a number of beautiful pieces of fused glass jewelry lovingly set into deep, sterling silver settings. We also have a variety of fused glass jewelry featuring semi-precious stones including Green Aventurine, Amethyst and Garnets. You will find many different designs and styles of fused glass pendants, fused glass earrings and fused glass bracelets, all very reasonably priced.

Visit often and tell your friends! We are constantly adding new pieces of fused glass, fusing new types and colors of glass, pushing the envelope and finding new ways to explore our craft of working with warm glass. It's no wonder fused glass has been around since the Egyptians, it never ceases to amaze and capture the eye, tantalizing us with it's  shimmering effects. We're glad you found us - now go, enjoy our art and hopefully you'll find a piece of shimmering glass you can take home with you today!


 Fused Glass Projects

Shimmering Glass is also available to work on custom works of fused glass art based on your specific need. Architectural design element for your home,  custom designed fused glass artwork for glass inserts into your kitchen cabinets and more. You are only limited by your imagination. Let us know what you are looking for, what type of design or pattern you want, colors, size, etc..and we will do the rest.


Send us an email and let us know how we can help you with a custom work of fused glass art from Shimmering Glass.

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